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Our Senior Level Marketing Experience

With many years working in senior corporate marketing roles, with both global and Australian organisations, we understand the business challenges that corporate marketers and business managers face in their day-to-day roles. Our disciplined corporate marketing training at business ‘institutions’ such as 3M, allows us to bring to your organisation well-proven business and marketing planning techniques that underpin any successful organisation.

We Listen

We are continually working with clients on new projects, often handling multiple projects at once. Imperative to success for all is our ability to clearly understand our clients goals so that we can work together to develop the most effective marketing programs possible.

We Challenge

The best ideas usually derive from a process of discussion and challenge. Marketing itself is not an exact science; it’s a culmination of strategic practice, insight and experience, combined with dash of common sense. If we believe an idea or campaign is off-track then we are not afraid to challenge a client, and conversely we are not afraid to be challenged.

We are Action-Oriented

One of the greatest compliments we’ve had is that we “make things happen”. We pride ourselves on our willingness to roll up our sleeves and get dirty in the trenches if that’s what it takes. This might involve driving new business development programs or ensuring that brand strategies are adhered to; whatever the need, we will make it happen.

We are Results-Oriented

Our attention to detail, from the planning process through to ‘hands-on’ implementation (if desired) means that we are driven for success just as much as you are. We pride ourselves on the post-program reports we produce for clients, so that an effective and meaningful judgement can be made as to the value of your investment. At all times, we aim to be able to link marketing effectiveness to tangible financial results.

We Number Crunch

Whether it’s crunching numbers to understand how to improve revenue and profit; or slicing and dicing the numbers to improve customer segmentation strategies. Fundamentally, we believe understanding what makes a business tick through a thorough understanding of the business’ financials is paramount.

Our Objective Perspective

Our experience has shown that our objective perspective can often breathe new life into a tired product or concept. Through the Sense Marketing planning process, we are able to identify aspects of our client’s business that can be improved or, alternatively, identify a greater potential that has not yet been realised.

Our Flexibility

We are able to work with our clients in a variety of ways. If a project-by-project basis suits you, we can either estimate the value of a project upfront or work on an hourly, daily or monthly rate. Initially working on a project basis is an excellent way for us to get to know each other and to develop a strong working relationship early on, without the pressure of knowing that the business arrangement must be long term. We have a number of clients who contract Sense Marketing on a monthly retainer basis. If a client’s expectation is that there is an ongoing work requirement, then this is the most cost-effective way to manage the relationship.

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