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Sense Marketing has provided support to a great many clients both large and small, corporate, commercial, and not-for-profit organisations. Below you will find a selection of our clients and what we have done for them.

 Clayton UTZ  Toyota  Merthyr Law
George P. Johnson  IBM Belvedere Share Managers
  Hyperion Sydney City Marine
 PKF  St. George Longitude Rozelle B ay
 Gilbert Tobin Lawyers  Catholic Healthcare  Managed Innovation
 Minter Ellison Lawyers Community Foundation  Nanotec
 Hargraves Institute  EGM AIM
3M Horizon Property Partners Horizon Capital Management
Centuria TressCox Lawyers Reconciliation Australia
Samsara Solutions Rabobank  Daystar Foundation
 Guide Dogs Water Aid Australia  ABAF
 Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation Charities Aid Foundation
Charities Aid Foundation
For this international bank with a strong commitment to cycling sponsorships (Tour de France and Tour Down Under), we reviewed the value of its local cycling sponsorship making recommended changes, which included alternative client, prospect and employee engagement tactics in Australia & New Zealand.
Samsara Solutions
For this small business, we developed their customer value proposition, marketing communications plan, website creative and content, and various other communications tools.
Reconciliation Australia
Working with business partner Boxing Clever, we developed a Fundraising Strategy for Reconciliation Australia.
Tresscox Lawyers
Sense Marketing developed policy documents around TressCox's pro bono and community investment activities.
Centuria Property Funds
We conducted market research with Centuria's advisors and key clients to understand their experience of Centuria; the challenges facing the property investment market during difficult economic times; and determined how Centuria could improve its marketing communications.
Horizon Capital Management
Acting as Horizon's outsourced marketing department we work with the company to position it in the marketplace and develop all the required marketing and business development collateral.
Horizon Property Partners
Acting as Horizon's outsourced marketing department we work with the company to position it in the marketplace and develop all the required marketing and business development collateral.
We assisted in progressing 3M's corporate community involvement program by developing a staff survey to help determine 3M's cause focus for its charitable giving as well its corporate giving guidelines.
Sense Marketing launched and manages the ongoing marketing for this new commercial property development in Rozelle Bay Sydney. The work involves the integration of marketing communications tactics such as public relations, advertising, online and direct marketing.
Sydney City Marine
Launching and building exposure for this state-of-the-art boat maintenance and refit facility has involved the development and delivery of an integrated marketing communications campaign targeting private boat owners and commercial operators in Sydney. Tactics include public relations, sponsorship and advertising, which Sense Marketing manages on an ongoing basis.
Belvedere Share Managers
For this boutique firm, we developed its brand and associated communication vehicles such as its website and marketing collateral. We work with Belvedere in an outsourced marketing management capacity.
Australian Business Arts Foundation
AbaF promotes private sector support for the arts, connecting business, the arts, donors and foundations. Lisa is a member of AbaF’s adviceBank and is currently working with Wakkakiri National Story Festival providing strategic marketing support
Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation
The Tracey Scone Wig Library is a support service of Arrow providing free use of wigs for patients experiencing hair loss through chemotherapy. Sense Marketing managed the public relations pro bono for a cabaret show, Gigs4Wigs, which raised $50,000 for the Library.
WaterAid Australia
Lisa volunteered on the marketing committee for WaterAid Australia from 2006-08. WaterAid provides assistance to developing countries to ensure local villages have access to safe and clean water.
Guide Dogs NSW/ACT
From 2002-07, Lisa volunteered on the Guide Dogs NSW/ACT marketing committee, known as the Wet Nose Committee, assisting to develop such fundraising programs as “How much is that Doggie?” which raised $118,000.
Daystar Foundation
Lisa is Chairperson of Daystar, a Sydney-based charity committed to creating futures for children through education. Lisa provides ongoing strategic marketing advice to Daystar and works with Daystar and corporate organisations to develop sound community partnerships.
Australian Institute of Management NSW & ACT
Leading membership organisation, AIM NSW & ACT engaged Sense Marketing to work on a number of strategic marketing projects aimed at revitalising its role as a key membership organisation for managers across NSW and the ACT.
Equity Growth Management
A small private equity firm for which we provided marketing support.
Hargraves Institute
For this independent organisation established to create and promote collective wisdom in the area of innovation, we provided marketing support.
A start-up Australian based company that imports a range of products utilising nanotechnology, we developed its marketing plan to launch into the Australian marketplace.
Sense Marketing, in conjunction with Cavill + Co, assisted the newly formed MLC Community Foundation with the process of identifying not-for-profit organisations who would fit with MLC and meet the aspirations of its Foundation. The outcome was a 3-year partnership between the MLC Community Foundation and Lifeline Australia worth $1.35M; and three $50,000 grants to SANE Australia, StepUP Foundation and Affirm, announced in June 2008. MLC staff will also volunteer extensively to support mental health awareness.
Minter Ellison Lawyers
For this large Australian law firm, we provided training support to around 100 of its lawyers to help them better understand the telecommunications industry.
Managed Innovation International
For this small business that works with many of Australia’s Top 100 companies to accelerate growth and performance through building the capability of individuals and teams, we provided marketing support.
St. George Bank
We worked with St George Bank to develop a staff survey to engage more staff in its corporate community involvement program.
Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers
A premier Sydney law firm, Sense Marketing provided business development support writing tenders, client development plans and the like.
Catholic Healthcare
A leading provider of health and aged care facilities in Sydney and regional NSW. In conjunction with our client GPJ, Sense Marketing developed a launch strategy for a new aged care facility, and instigated market research to understand its brand position.
Hyperion Solutions
For this global software supplier, we were its outsourced marketing department for 12 months.
A national Australian accounting and business advisory firm for which we implemented a process to develop its corporate community involvement program, resulting in five community partnerships being developed.
Leyland Private Asset Management
A boutique stockbroking firm for which we provided ongoing marketing support.
IBM Asia Pacific
We worked with IBM for two years, in conjunction with our client GPJ. Our activities were focused on identifying event best practice throughout Asia Pacific.
George P. Johnson Australia
A global integrated events marketing company we worked with from 2002-05 and again in 2010 providing marketing support. We also provided marketing support services for two of its clients, IBM Asia Pacific and Catholic Healthcare.
Merthyr Law
This small law firm had a desire to grow its business, so engaged Sense Marketing to develop its 2006/07 Marketing Plan.
Toyota Australia
Sense Marketing has managed two major sponsorships for Toyota – the Peters Ice Cream Beach Volleyball Tour in 2004 and the A1Grand Prix in 2007. Both sponsorships were last minute deals requiring us to leverage the sponsorship to its maximum potential with very limited time.
Clayton Utz
A leading Australian law firm we worked with from 2002 providing business development support for a variety of projects. In early 2004, Sense Marketing established the Community Connect brand encompassing the firm’s corporate community investment program, and continued to build the Community Connect brand through the ongoing management of all internal and external communications until 2008.
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